Redeeming Your Finances


What is Redeeming Your Finances? 

Redeeming Your Finances is a free private space for the Agape Investing with Katie Jones community. It's a place to connect with others about biblical money management and living life free of financial burdens.
This space is yours to create. Join us!


Attention ambitious young professional with a passion for the Lord and a desire to achieve financial freedom!

Learn how to practically apply your faith into your personal finances, start pursuing your unique calling, live in the abundance God desires for you and your loved ones, and prepare yourself for life's biggest adventures.

Join our community of believers who show up, ask questions, and support one another on their journey towards financial freedom God's way!

Hey I'm Katie Jones


  • You are a committed follower of Christ and you deeply desire to serve the Lord in area of your life.
  • You have a decent income for the first time in your life and know you should probably be saving money, and planning for retirement.
    (even though it seems so far away!)
  • You would love to communicate God's love through your ability to provide well for your family as well as your generous hospitality towards those in your life.
  • You are very ambitious and God has given you BIG goals to accomplish like buying your first house, starting that business, switching careers, and one day starting a family.


No one has taught you how to ever manage your money
YET ALONE in a way that aligns with your faith!!


There Are Over 2,300 Bible Verses on

Yet for some reason, the only lessons that are taught on the topics of money are...

1) Tithing
2) Don't Love Your Money

But What Else Are We Supposed To Do With Our Money??

This is the main question we explore inside of Redeeming Your Finances!

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To Find Out!

This is For You If...

  • You have God-sized goals for your future, like buying your first house, or traveling to foreign places, supporting more ministries with your generous giving, or possibly starting your own business!
  • You have student loans and a car loan you'd love to pay off early but feel like the amount is too big to even try to tackle  
  • You have a decent income, but don’t feel like you’re in control of it and constantly find yourself wondering where your money went 
  • You’ve never tried budgeting and don’t know where to start, or you have tried before and given up because you didn’t know what you were doing 
  • You’d like to pay off debt, save & invest your money, cover your living expenses, and STILL have money to give generously! 
  • You know that God calls us to excellence in all areas of life and you’re ready to apply that to your finances starting TODAY! 

Redeeming Your Finances
Community Leader

Katie Jones

Driven by a passion to challenge others that being a follower of Christ is more than going to church, reading your Bible, and praying; Katie creates content, shares stories, and educates Christians on how the Bible impacts the way that we handle our personal finances, and invest our money. 

Katie's professional background is in real estate, previously working as a property manager for 4 years, and for the past 2 years she has helped many people find their dream homes in the Denver Metro area, as well as helping many others across the United States understand the home buying process, and get connected with a great agent in their local area. 

She started her blog Agape Investing in 2018 as a way to connect and inspire other believers to apply their faith into their work, finances, and investing. Since 2018, Katie and her husband have purchased 2 out of state rental properties, become debt free, increased their passive income, and have been able to give more than ever before! 

Katie lives in Denver, Colorado where she enjoys playing board games, staying active, reading tons of great books, drinking coffee, and exploring the Rocky Mountains with her husband.

What's Inside?

6 Steps to Redeeming Your Finances Mini Course

Discover how to manage your money & honor the Lord using biblical money principles inside this 6-step mini course. Get instant access for FREE when you join the community.

Money Wins Mondays 

Every Monday we celebrate what God is doing in our finances. Money wins can range from paying off a loan, to choosing not to spend money, to deciding to support a local ministry with a monetary gift. 

Mini Money Trainings

Check out the Mini Money Trainings topic for finance lessons from both a practical and biblical perspective. These lessons come in easy to digest form but will equip you with the necessary information to start making real progress towards your money goals. 

Monthly LIVE Money Trainings

Every month, Katie hosts a live workshop to help you get started on your own financial freedom journey. These are free to attend and will also give you the opportunity to ask questions specific to your situation. 

Free Resource Vault

Take a look at the Resource Vault where you will find tools to help kickstart your money redemption story. New tools are being added all the time for you to take advantage of! 

This community is only going to be as good as YOU make it! Katie is committed to providing you the knowledge and opportunity to grow in your financial literacy from a biblical perspective. You will only get out as much as you put into the group!

There is no better time to Redeem Your Finances and set yourself up for financial freedom using God's very own advice when it comes to money.

I look forward to serving you inside the community! 

Your Friend & Money Coach,
Katie Jones