Unveiling Gospel-Centered Stewardship for Kingdom Impact

Experience a comprehensive understanding of what it means to have a Gospel worldview for our finances. 
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Achieve Financial Abundance 
with Faith-Driven Guidance

Your Money Identity

  • Purpose of Money In the Bible
  • Gospel-Centered Budgeting

Your Money Purpose

  • Kingdom-Impacting Goals
  • Savings & Emergency Funds

Your Money Commitment

  • Your Relationship with Money
  • Managing Debt with Integrity

Your New Money Relationship

  • Your Finish Line
  • Investing Basics

Taking You From Doubt to Certainty

Redeeming Your Finances integrates faith-based guidance with practical money management skills. Our courses were designed to bridge the gap between financial stewardship and spiritual growth.

Rooted in Biblical Wisdom

With over 2,300 Bible verses addressing money, we acknowledge the significance of biblical principles in financial stewardship. Our system integrates these truths into practical money management strategies.

Empowering Financial Freedom

Our system isn't just about budgeting and investing — it's about aligning spending with faith, unlocking financial freedom, and fulfilling God-given abundance. Experience the transformation as you apply timeless biblical principles to your financial journey.

What our students say about us


My money win was pushing through the financial audit. It was painful seeing where I was, but it was a blessing to see because it painted the picture of what I knew was going on, but didn’t want to face. Now that I’ve seen it, I can take it to God in prayer (which i did), and have Him enter into an area that pride can creep in so He can get the glory for me overcoming. I encourage everyone to have that moment of shaking for themselves!

Our Commitment to Our Students

You (and your money) are meant for more, and it’s our goal to help you connect with your unique God-given purpose.

Inspiring Connection and Growth

Our platform serves to explore biblical truths in real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and finances. Join our community of like-minded Christians as we challenge each other to integrate faith into every aspect of life.

Embrace the Journey

Discover the abundance that awaits when faith and finances align. Let's embark on a journey of financial stewardship, spiritual growth, and Kingdom impact together.

Realize Your Financial Potential Today!

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